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Gemstone's promotional products can and should be your ambassadors to the world of consumers. If we had our way, we’d ask that you search no more. You’ve found the solution to your “Needs Assessment” with the team here at Gemstone. Not only do we guarantee the lowest price point per product, but we gain all relevant information to assist in choosing the best product at the best price for any unique occasion.

Our Graphic Design Team works tirelessly to integrate elaborate designs with productive messaging. By contrast, a large number of promotional-products companies are extremely price-competitive but aren't invested in quality or customer service. Many don't even have a customer service department.
Gemstone is a full-service marketing consulting company that specializes in producing short to medium run campaigns, featuring expert printing and graphic design capabilities, aimed towards accommodating a diverse clientele.

Willing to listen keenly, our professionals aim to understand the specific needs of our clients. Our advice is based on understanding, knowledge and years of experience. Aligned with your outlook, vision and clear communication, Gemstone delivers a comprehensive marketing resource that achieves results through creativity, teamwork and determination.

Early on, as we built relationships with our clients, we learned that many organizations, both for and non-profit, aren’t usually allotted large marketing budgets. Often, the budget for recruiting new employees and new customers are one and the same.

These organizations struggle to build messaging momentum about services, programs and community related events and shin digs that make engaged neighborhoods exciting places to reside.

​Gemstone stepped up to the plate.
We are proud to say we now provide promotional marketing to over 500 National organizations, with the help of as many business communities, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

​​Your One Stop Shop for all your 
​Promotional Product Needs!

Promotional products are the perfect marketing tool in today's market. Gemstone offers over
1 million products and guarantees the lowest price point to fit any budget!
Shop the latest trends from fidget spinners, flash drives, tumblers all the way to drones, we have at all!
Contact a representative today to check out our latest specials!

​​​Aerial Advertising

​​Gemstone is the ONLY organization to offer unmanned, aerial blimp advertising. Leave it to us to take your event or tradeshow to the next level. Imprinting your brand on a 8 to 20 foot blimp, and completely capturing any audience, is a magical way to create brand recognition. The options are unlimited. Call us today to find out more!
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